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Household Fragrance No.03883B

Caly-fragrance household Fragrance Slice utilizes advanced breathable film technology to release its aroma. Convenient and safe to use, it brings a fresh, aromatic, deodorizing, and comfortable environment to your space.The fragrance can last up to 45 days (depending on temperature and humidity).


  • This product has been tested by international certification companies and is free from methanol and formaldehyde. Please use it with confidence.


Capacity:(Refill slices) 10g x 2 slices

Usage Instructions:

  • Tear open the aluminum foil of the fragrance slice.
  • Insert the fragrance slice into the aromatic holder and place it in the desired location.


  • Keep in a cool place, away from direct sunlight exposure.

Household Fragrance No.03883B

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