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Car Fragrance No.039996

    This deodorizing aroma fragrance for automobile uses specialized diffusion membrane to bring to you the most refreshing, safe, and convenient way for a soothing environment. The long lasting fragrance can hold up to 45 days of freshness and comfort (may vary due to temperature and humidity).


    Specialized Membrane Air Freshener Design:

    • Ensures stable packaging, preventing any residue on hands and minimizing leakage.
    • Facilitates the continuous release of fragrance for deodorizing and antibacterial purposes.


    Capacity: 3.5ml


    1.Open packaging.  

    2.Tear open foil.

    3.Adjust the strength of scent

    4.Insert into ac air vent.


    1.Do not puncture membrane.

    2.Keep away from children.

    3.Keep the membrane side away from contacting plastic or paint surfaces (might cause stains or fades).

    4.Due to high concentration of essential oil, please avoid direct contact with eyes and skin. If accidentally contacted, please rinse with water immediately. If discomfort continues, please consult your doctor.


    Car Fragrance No.039996

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